Thoughts on Taking this Property 
Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 11:42 PM - La Paz BCS
Posted by Administrator
My experience so far with seizing this property has been an eye opener. I have been shown the true nature of these people. The powerful hire government employees to do their bidding. No one is held to account, and no one actually does their job.

The property I have taken represents foreign and especially so-called "zionist" influences. Whatever you think about Jews, these people here who have all the power and money are Jewish and treat anyone outside their tribe as no more than an opportunity to improve their own station through exploitation. I was unaware of this phenomenon, of Jews treating their own well and others with malice, until I tried to run for Commodore of Club Cruceros and was told I couldn't because I am not a Jew. The elections were cancelled and none have been held since.

La Paz was built, as a tourism destination, by one man, Mac Shroyer. This man set up a grossly corrupt system whereby the people in charge are the worst offenders. The worst, most evil, most selfish, most dispicable people are the ones in charge. Everything here favors the corrupt and there is absolutely no accountability. As an example, 4 years ago, I complained to the Navy that Cantamar, a dive tour business, was making fake flotation devices. They told me to mind my own business. And here, four years later, Cantamar has nothing but fake flotation devices on their boats.

La Paz is a disaster waiting to happen. There are absolutely no safety regulations enforced, no safety mechanisms in place, and no emergency services adequately equipped to handle the kind of disaster this place has brewing under all this corruption. With no one monitoring and regulating anything related to safety, every day is a miracle that this pending disaster doesn't happen. One day it will, and it could be your loved one killed or hurt.

This place is a dump, a dive, a trap, and it's all because a Jew turned his dream of sailing into a golden opportunity to exploit yet another peoples.

I have grown to hate the Jewish culture for what it is, a racist people who believe themselves better than everyone else, that we are all their slaves, and that they can do what they want without regard to any of the laws we put in place. And worst of all, they have their own damn country, the only peoples on this planet to have their own country, and they aren't happy with it and have to stick their noses into everyone else's business and run their countries too.

Not anymore, not in my life, not here in La Paz.

I am standing my ground. And I ask you to stand with me, if you have any interest in a future of your own rather than as a slave to Jews and their evil ways.

By the way, Jews are a people, not individuals. I never hate an individual I don't know. Every Jew has the potential to be empathetic and thus actually human. And not everyone who is without empathy and a selfish evil asshole is Jewish. The fact is, the Jewish culture promotes a disease in humans which makes people inhuman, and that is the precise nature of the Jewish culture, it promotes lack of empathy and without empathy, you cannot be human. How else can you explain such inhuman behavior?
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Personal Update on Abandoned Boatyard 
Sunday, September 12, 2021, 07:38 PM
Posted by Administrator
This is actually an email to my brother.

So far my security guy was beat up, my truck trashed, my mooring lines cut, but today the federal maritime rescue came to my boat, without authority because it is on what they consider peivate peroperty by federal law and they also have no jurisdiction on private boats. I threatend them with bow and arrow and maintained a vigilance until they left.

These "officials" only work for business owners and anyone who pays them or owes favors. The Navy here is completely corrupt.

What I am hoping for now is that they start a formal legal process. This means I win because the process can be drawn out literally forever.

I still have to wait for potential attacks, but from what I overheard, they want to physically remove me by force, which they cannot do. I can lock myself into the second story and prevent myself being taken by lethal force if necessary. This house is completely defensible, a locked gate at the top of stairs I can see down but show nothing. And I have all four sides for shooting arrows and flares, which I already did to establish that I will kill to defend if necessary.

They can take my boat, but Zach is on it, will defend with lethal force.

I am not doing well health wise. I am under 150lbs (just under 11 stones). Hernias galore from pulling anchor and chain galore.

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Messiahs and Superior Beings?  
Sunday, September 12, 2021, 07:39 AM
Posted by Administrator
Those who believe themselves to be their god's chosen people and the rest of us their slaves, have a messiah, who has yet to come, which if you think about it from their perspective is just them saying their messiah is better then yours

What is their messiah? The son of their creator.

If a metaphor, then would not the son of their creator, outside of their belief system, be a human being in the same form as the original humans?

So, their messiah could very well be simply a human being who developed outside of the context of a society they essentially created to enslave their inferiors... a proposition, not a belief mind you, meaning I could be their Messiah... another proposition.

And so I ask:

האם יש לך מקום ליד שולחן ארוחת הערב שלך בשבילי?
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Statement on Taking of Abandoned Boatyard 
Sunday, September 12, 2021, 06:38 AM - La Paz BCS
Posted by Administrator
I am extremely exhausted from my continuing ordeal. I took possession of the property before Olaf came. The day after I return from dragging several miles I went to town and upon my return saw people on the property and military outside.

The supposed new owner, the owner of Marina Palmira, had his thugs beat up my security guard, a homeless man I knew for some time, destroy my Suburban, cut my mooring lines and attack my ship.

This he did instead of civillay asking me what I am doing on property he claims to own.

I will be updating it to reflect the new "owner" but for now here is a statement from me about this property.

Statement Regarding Seizure of Federal Land
My name is Michael Wolf. I am an American citizen. I sailed myself to Mexico in 2014 seeking
temporary refuge to allow me to complete work on my vessel so I could safely complete my journey to
a safe country outside of the United States of America. I am disabled, a genius who suffered brain
damage, who is taken advantage of and mistreated because of my injuries. I also suffer from serious
health problems which I am only able to manage because my ship is setup as a hospice and I have the
assistance of a live-in caregiver. I also seek political asylum in Mexico on account of harassment by
the US State Department who illegally caused my disability benefits to be cancelled, intentionally.
I have taken possession of this property in the name of the federal government of Mexico because the
titled owner, whose claim to this property is not legal, caused me great harm through his crimes against
me including extortion, blackmail, and threats of violence against me, all of which are documented. I
have also endured great harm as a result of vicious lies spread about me by this man, Karsten Honack,
through his friendship with Malcolm and Daniel Shroyer such that my ship was heavily damaged as a
result of crimes committed against me on account of these rumors. My ship is in dire condition and
requires immediate haulout to prevent sinking. Local boatyards refuse to service me due to rumors.
This property legally belongs to the Federal Government of Mexico per the law documented in the
Federal Registry on the 21st of September, 1998 which stipulated that these properties must be used
commercially, whereas clearly Wolfgang Honack resided on the property as a private residence. The
property has been abandoned since 2012 when Wolfgang died.
As the federal government has also harmed me by ignoring my request for refuge and asylum, I will
maintain possession and if possible will take title to this property as compensation for all of the
damages I have incurred as a result of the fact that the government’s failure to address my refuge case
served to legitimize vicious rumors spread about me by people known to the Mexican government to be
foreign agents acting against the Mexican people.
Legal and other documents related to this property can be found on my website via the following links: – Law regarding disposition of property which was
reclaimed from the sea – the only documentation ceding the property – evidence of threats and extortion by Karsten
Honack/Kastor Industrial – photograph of men who threatened me shooting
guns into the sea towards tourists taken minutes before they threatened me – emails with ITAI seeking documentation ... Emails.pdf - emails exchanged with state
government, titled owner at the time – my original proposal as requested by the
state when I sought use from them after discovering they were titled owner ... mpedCL.pdf – my modified proposal after I
found out the property was not legally documented/owned ... piedad.pdf - Title for the property as of 2017 – flyer from Karsten Honack attempting to sell the
property without title in 2017

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Olaf - Personal Notes 
Friday, September 10, 2021, 08:06 AM - General
Posted by Administrator
I have yet to even assess the damages, but at the moment, I have nothing.

My trawler drug last night before things got bad, I have no idea where it went or if it reanchored itself or just crashed ashore or sank. I likely will never know. I also had left batteries on board I needed for power on this boat because these batteries are long since toast.

I do not have battery to start my engine.

I have drug several MILES. I am in extremely deep water. I have no windlass (12V). My wind generator died and I have nothing but solar now. My freezer also requires power but any power for that will have to go to charging the starter battery so I can get moved back to the boatyard.

If I had not moved to the boatyard, I would have lost everything, in front of everyone, and they would have picked me clean for the rumors these people here spread about me.

I have done nothing wrong. I have never hurt anyone. I don't know why people treat me the way they do, other than it has nothing to do with anything I do wrong. if my words are my crime, then it is society itself which is in the wrong, as words cannot hurt.

Anyway, I'm tired, I hurt, I'm all seized up inside and my broken rib hurts like hell.

I hope nothing keeps me from getting back to the property and moving on, because I cannot live on this boat now. There is too much damage and too much time needed to repair it. I may lose a freezer full of food I no longer have an income to replace.
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Olaf - Shit! 
Friday, September 10, 2021, 05:33 AM - Tropical Weather
Posted by Administrator

Disperser has drug into the bay and we are in heavy weather conditions. My landing ramp for getting on and off the boat was nearly destroyed by waves. I'm on two anchors, both on rhode instead of chain. My third spare anchor is still where I had to cut the chain to leave it because it was fouled, and I just watched Duck Sloop, my 1966 Cal28 go by, likely with no anchor like whatsoever, so a definite complete loss.

Now, we just have to survive. My batteries aren't charging because my wind generators, well, they don't work in hurricanes.

It's going to be a rough few hours as the storm plays out. It's moving west but a strong band from an eyewall change is playing out and things are very rough. I estimate winds at 40 knots with gusts easily to 60.

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Olaf - Firsthand 
Friday, September 10, 2021, 04:38 AM - Tropical Weather
Posted by Administrator
Olaf came.

The NHC should be sued out of existence for their negligence in forecasting, including again using the output of the model instead of the actual location of the storm.

It's odd to me, because twice now, the NHC has botched forecasts in a way specifically harmful to BCS, as if the NHC has taken revenge against me by endangering everyone here. It wouldn't surprise me, given the US State Department got my disability cut off by not transmitting communications between SSA and myself as they are obligated to do.

Anyway, my ship has drug, significantly, and I've lost one of my boats, it drug right off the anchor and is likely either anchored somewhere dozens of miles away, or washed up or sunk somewhere. It is a complete loss, no doubt. I have a sea anchor set up in case I lose both anchors or drag out of reach of my anchor line. At least my engine runs.

The only good news for me is that I moved to the abandoned boatyard I am seizing in the name of the federal government. At least I have a place to put things to dry and to live if this boat doesn't survive and I do.
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"Olaf" Update 
Wednesday, September 8, 2021, 12:22 AM - Tropical Weather
Posted by Administrator
Olaf's center of circulation at the lower level is moving westward more than the NHC's models are showing, due I believe to following the SSTs which show a westward contour at the location of the center.

However; the top of the center of circulation is moving eastward relative to the bottom, showing an increase in sheer.

These conditions are sure to change, as the contour doesn't go far before the system has a chance to go any direction for SSTs. The sheer should also diminish some and allow for strengthening.

I am of the belief this system will affect La Paz, and that it could affect La Paz directly as a Category 3 hurricane.

I will be keeping a close eye on this system. Do not put your faith in the NHC's forecast. I would not put it past them to endanger everyone in La Paz for the sake of trying to do so to me. The US State Department, after all, deliberately failed to submit documents for my disability and got them cut, I didn't even know until they stopped being deposited because the US State Department was supposed to send me any mail as they knew I have no way to receive mail here in Mexico.

I now have direct evidence of harassment of an American citizen seeking refuge in Mexico by the US Government, a clear violation of International Law and my rights. And given I have nearly every year embarrassed them with their wildly inaccurate and useless forecasts, they simply cannot be trusted when it comes down to it.

In case you need a reminder, the present forecast is nearly identical to the predicted path of Nora, which instead of going west of La Paz, was just west of the MAINLAND.
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"Olaf" Update 
Tuesday, September 7, 2021, 11:52 AM - Tropical Weather
Posted by Administrator
I have examined the air mass movements which appear to me would affect what will eventually be called Olaf's movement. SSTs are the primary driving factor for the development of a tropical system and thus a tropical system can only develop if it remains over warm enough waters, so it will tend to follow those waters. Upper level and lower level atmospheric affects will also affect steering.

In the case of Olaf, we again have two choices, westward or northward, two directions the SSTs are warm enough for continued development. The air masses appear to be moving in such a way as to steer Olaf slightly west of north at the moment, which also explains why the sytstem is still elongated along that axis as the system is still connected to the parent tropical wave.

Conditions appear to be conducive for continued and even rapid development of this system. A persistent high remains over southern Baja but that may not be enough to keep tropical cyclones from affecting La Paz directly or indirectly.

I am keeping an eye on the system because I believe it is not more likely than not that it could affect La Paz, and likely within a week.
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Olaf - Initial Forecast 
Monday, September 6, 2021, 04:45 PM - Tropical Weather
Posted by Administrator
What is expected to develop into tropical storm Olaf is presently under initial development directly south of Baja just off the mainland south of Puerta Vallarta. The system is expected to build and form a tropical storm soon, likely within 24 hours. The system could come to La Paz given present conditions, but I do not know yet.

Expect the possibility of up to a Category 3 hurricane could come to La Paz in the next week or two. The longer it takes for the storm to come here, the bigger it will be.

I will be monitoring this storm carefully and updating my forecast accordingly.
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Nora Update 
Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 04:19 AM - Tropical Weather
Posted by Administrator

Despite what the NHC and others may say, Nora persists as remnants. The center of circulation has elongated so much that it presents in satellite, which you can see in the link below. If you change to 20 images you will see the circulation extends from the mainland shoreline4 from Mazatlan to about Guymas but remains extremely narrow.

This is important because Mazatlan and Sonora are bot experiencing tropical weather, monsoon-like thunderstorms but outside monsoon conditions because the tropical system as brought those conditions with it. The circulation, even if only half, causes air to rise as it rotates. This creates low pressure which causes moist humid air to rise in the same way monsoon storms start. These are unusual conditions and should have remained forecast in my opinion.

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Monday, August 30, 2021, 08:07 PM
Posted by Administrator

I have always noticed I was different from most people around me. What I noticed is that I tended to act upon impulses that emanated from within others. For example, I was always called a 'cry baby' as a child because I tended to feel the sadness others felt and expressed it, even if it was dramatized, such as on television.

Relatively late in my life, I realized I was highly empathetic, especially compared to my family. What I didn't realize, was the precise nature of the connection between the two.

Empathy allows us to feel what others feel, but it's not just limited to that, this is what I now understand. Empathy causes us to act on those feelings, as if they were our own. Empathy compels us to act when others suffer for example. This actually creates a deep connection between those with empathy and those around them. A person with a high degree of empathy is the most likely to take charge of an emergency situation in order to ensure everyone's safety, because the person with empathy won't be able to help but feel the anxiety of everyone around him.

But, this is a serious disadvantage in society, especially when those feelings can be faked. People who are not compelled to act on the feelings of others have a serious advantage in being able to control the behavior of those with empathy, allowing them to take financial or even physical or sexual advantage of them. Most victims of sexual abuse are highly empathetic whereas most perpetrators are psychopaths, people with no empathy whatsoever. I actually didn't realize how many times I was sexually abused as a child and still do not know the extent of the abuse from when I was a toddler.

People without empathy see people with empathy as weak. But, this is only in the context of a society where empathy is a handicap. The truth is, empathy is powerful and highly empathetic people also tend to be geniuses. Sadly, these people are wholly incompatible with society, and thus their talents are never contributed and thus society becomes less and less empathetic (especially with drugs that reduce it, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol)).

But, outside of society, in the context of, say, life at sea; empathy is highly valuable because it makes communication quite simple and extremely efficient. It also makes life much more pleasant because everyone in the ship, if they are all highly empathetic, will always be able to trust one another. And that level of trust makes for a potent weapon in times of conflict, which appear to be on the horizon.

Yes, being highly empathetic was a serious disadvantage to me while I was in society, but in spite of that, I made great strides and achieved what few people do who lack the disadvantage I had. But, now that I am outside society, and now that society has begun to finally collapse (sorry if you weren't aware or don't believe, but it is what it is whether you believe it or not), my being highly empathetic becomes a significant advantage.

If you need a metaphor: I have become like a wolf, and will have a pack. You remain in a herd, and you only have protection in numbers. Unless of course that herd has been made sick by some kind of fake pandemic, in which case the herd will collapse.
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I AM A Terrorist! 
Monday, August 30, 2021, 07:42 PM
Posted by Administrator
The US Government, specifically the Department of Homeland Security, according to the NYPD per the Stanislaus County Sheriffs, lists me on the TECS terrorist watchlist.

I am also apparently called a terrorist by the conglomerate of Big Tech that runs a website which hosts this list.

So, what is a terrorist?

Who am I allegedly terrorizing?

Am I really a terrorist?

A terrorist is someone that a government or other controlling entity says acts to strike fear for political means. Really, a "terrorist" is just people trying to do what they can against the oppressive government which has wronged them in some way. So, "terrorists" then are enemies of the state.

Who am I supposedly terrorizing? Well, they say I am terrorizing you. That's kind of hard to do behind a keyboard on a boat in Mexico, wouldn't you agree? You are part of the process, but not the victims. You are the audience, the ones the government wants to fear. Why? Because the government and other controlling entities (corporations, military industrial complex, deep state, you name it...) are afraid of me, and they are afraid of me because i might make you aware enough that they are afraid of you as well. And a government without a mandate from the people cannot survive if they are afraid of the people.

So, am I a terrorist? From your perspective, certainly not. Otherwise, I'd be, you know, killing people or something. But, from the perspective of those who maintain those lists, yes, absolutely I am a terrorist. But, I can't help it. It's in my nature, which is actually human nature, and which makes perfect sense when you realize that those who maintain those lists are not actually human...
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Nora Update 
Sunday, August 29, 2021, 05:20 PM - Tropical Weather
Posted by Administrator
Nora continues to hug the coast, the eye now fully on shore and elongated and obviously in the process of disintegrating.

We are currently receiving winds that represent entrainment into the storm, that storm is a low, it draws air from high pressure areas around it. Our barometric pressure is decreasing as a result, falling from a high actually above where it was before the tropical wave even came here some time last night.

I do not expect storms, only continuing wind which will waver between stronger and weaker as the storms play out on the sea.

As for me, I am quite exhausted. I had just finished pulling out nearly all of my hernias when I pulled the biggest back through loading a simple propane bottle. The good news is, I figured out how I did it, precisely how I do it when I pull chain by hand. So I have to be extremely careful doing anything that is anything like pulling chain. Hard to do at anchor.

Enjoy the day. It's quite warm of course, the desert heat is blowing across the peninsula instead of being drawn up into local storms. We won't see monsoons for at least a few days.

Word of warning: The next tropical system will not miss La Paz. If conditions are right for the worst case scenario, it can still occur, with the system tracking up the west side of the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific coast of the peninsula where the SSTs remain high having not been reduced by the storm; or across the peninsula itself of course.

The next storm is called Olaf by the way.

Final word. I am not ignorant of New Orleans. I don't have the energy to concern myself, but my heart goes out to the city which I am certain will never be rebuilt. It is a city my family is connected to in a small way, but a city I have never visited. I have been following the storm because its fate is connected to Nora's. I have watched and saw the storm was going to hit the city several hours ago. It breaks my heart to see it happen. It is a place that will be erased from the map by the time you have read this post. RIP New Orleans.

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Why You Should Believe Me 
Sunday, August 29, 2021, 05:30 AM
Posted by Administrator
It occurred to me that people might not realize that I only write what I understand to be true, and that what I understand to be true is true, which translates to a pretty damn good chance that I am in fact correct in what I write here.

Afghanistan, for example (the previous entry), was a field for testing military gear, just as Vietnam was. I don't have to explain this or sell you the idea that it is a fact. I state this because it is an accepted fact that there is a Military Industrial Complex, and if you aren't aware of this fact, you aren't intelligent enough to be reading my blog. I say this because only intelligent enough people can read properly, that is, critically. Only intelligent enough people can read my writing and not take it for granted. The rest of you are so stupid as to not be able to question what I write. Stupid, by the way, is just lack of intelligence, failure to meet your potential in intelligence. You are as stupid as you are not intelligent.

So if you feel like you aren't getting an explanation and have to just believe me, don't feel bad. Yes, you are stupid. But you are among friends. Everyone in society is stupid. That just means you were never allowed to achieve your potential, whereas I was driven to it by society because I was socially rejected as a child.

You can also be confident you can believe what I write because I have a Universal perspective, which means I'm not trying to be right from anyone's perspective, I'm trying to be right from EVERYONE'S perspective. I don't have an ego that needs to be satisfied, meaning I do not have any inherent biases, nothing to cause me to have anything but a universal perspective.

And there's also the fact that I cannot lie because of the memory problems I have from the brain damage I suffered.

Taken together, they represent a guarantee that you are reading fact when you read something I write.

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