Things You Can do to Help
We need your help and or assistance. Here is a list of specific things we need and why:

1. Witnesses; people who can come here and watch and see what is happening. This is important because what is happening to us, is happening because no one sees it happening. Here, nothing happens unless it is witnessed or documented. This is why having an "embedded journalist" would have been so useful. We would not have lost anything had there been someone documenting what was happening. Also, this is a huge story. We have uncovered very real evidence of corruption, of by an American, his Jewish friends, and the involvement of the US Consulate.

2. Legal help. This can take the form of money to pay for justice, as justice isn't free in Mexico, it is just as for sale as any government official or office. We need someone who can use the legal system against those using it illegally.

3. Personal assistance. I am disabled, I have to live in a carefully constructed and maintained environment in order to protect my health and maintain my ability to function. But that environment, my ship, was twice ransacked. We cannot do this alone.

4. Fundraising. Our savingz was stolen, and we have actually been dealing with these issues for four years now, and in that time we have spent everything we had saved to complete the boat just trying to stay alive. We have been robbed, $7,000USD by Pedro, $5,000USD by lawyers, and $15,000USD by boatyards and marinas. This doesn't include expenses and other costs nor does it include the value of what was stolen or broken/damaged, including to my vessel.

We have a MercadoLibre account, cryptocurrency wallets, and things for sale on Craigslist. If someone wants to create a GoFundMe or other fundraising campaign, that would be helpful. Our MercadoLibre account, under East Marine, features some rather expensive items, sails, shich you can purchase and donate back to us, though I do not like the idea of paying an Argentinian website 13% commission.

5. Your support. Just knowing people support us will go far to help keep up our spirits through this.