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An article I wrote 6 August 2019
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We were illegally removed from Cantamar marina on May 24th, our belongings stolen by police and Cantamar, as well as our cash, including my 21 year old caregiver being taken to an ATM by force to withdraw all of his money. We have been placed at anchor in a vessel damaged by the marina catastrophically to the point that nearly nothing functions and thus we are in a very potentially dangerous situation, especially considering my health issues right now, which include several hernias and intestinal lesions from which I should be healing, not pulling anchor chain and moving tons of belongings, nor should I be on a boat with no hot water, stove, means of slow cooking meat for my health, or electricity to run my oxygen concentrator. Please read the details of what is going on, and also view the Youtube channel, on which we have uploaded some videos which will easily tell you why we were kicked out, and also view the gallery of problems, as well as the gallery of damage to my vessel done by this marina, the most poorly run business imaginable, and which derives it's income, for which it pays no taxes, through an American company called Aggressor.

The Youtube channel now has a video from the day we were illegally dispossessed taken by my caregiver showing me having to swim to my boat and police and Cantamar employees trying to prevent me from doing so. This video is evidence for both penal and civil cases and demonstrates aggressive illegal behavior against a disabled American refugee.

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We were illegally removed by physical force from the marina we have lived at for four years in a vessel which was catastrophically damaged by the marina. The police assaulted us, took my caregiver to an ATM at gunpoint, made him show his balance and withdraw all of it, and took our cash in total $40,000pesos, the entirety of our savings and which left us completely broke! The police also stole many of our important belongings including my phone with all my important contacts. They then threatened us and forced us to sign a document saying we had no intent to return to Cantamar, which I did not sign because they forced me to duplicate the signature on my passport which is 8 years old and not my signature anymore. That they forced us to sign this document says everything about their legal ability to do this. We had just acquired rights to all of the resources we needed at Cantamar to repair the damage they did to our ship.

We are anchored without a working engine, generator, refrigerator, or reliable dinghy with no motor. My health is suffering due to prior and new hernias caused by having to move our belongings quickly from Cantamar, about 10000lbs worth of resources which had to be moved into storage. We have to row to shore a long distance and have to pay exhorbitant fees to park our vehicle. It takes a full hour to get ashore before we can even drive to town, and a full hour to get back on the boat once we arrive back at shore with supplies. We have a lawyer who is helping, but we need more help.

Please spread the word. This happened to us because we document the crimes committed by this marina, and because we threatened to contact Aggressor, who manages the dive boat for which Cantamar evades paying taxes on $5,000,000pesos per month income. Please view the Gallery of Problems at Cantamar and the Videos of Problems at Cantamar and see for youself why we were kicked out of our rightful home.

We cannot get any assistance from the local sailing and gringo community because they are heavily involved in the corruption here in La Paz, whether they want to admit it or not. Many of these foreigners are here illegally, and Club Cruceros, which was a club for sailors which was taken over by people who came to and stayed (illegally) in La Paz and is NOT a legal entity in Mexico and in fact operates against the law. These people are the worst about rumors and violate the law in order to even prevent us from contacting other sailors

We are not asking for help. We are merely asking you to spread the word so that this cannot happen to other, innocent people who simply travel to Mexico as innocent tourists. If you would like to help, please spread the word on social media, and also pressure Trip Advisor, who refuses to allow our review to remain online because we were not "normal customers."

If you are local and would like to help, we could use few things because we were not ready to be at anchor and have no money thanks to being robbed. We do have items to trade, but no cash on hand. If you have any of the following, please contact us by radio or in person or however you can and we will see what we have to trade:
Dinghy, outboard motor (or transmission for Nissan/Tohatsu 9.9 2stroke), oarlocks, 12, 24, or 48V solar panels, propane powered refrigerator or freezer, an open ear and mind.

Here is a narrative of the events which led to this, a document which will form the basis of our formal criminal complaint. The good news is, we have finally found an attorney who believes us and is willing to file a criminal complaint against Cantamar on our behalf. Unfortunately, we witnessed firsthand that Cantamar seems to have connections within the Ministerio Publico, the office which handles criminal complaints. What remains to be seen is whether this influence by Cantamar is stronger than our lawyer's efforts to have justice prevail and the law enforced in order to protect us from foreigners who have victimized us.

Update 10 October: My refuge case is finally proceeding! But, it's more than I can handle and I don't have the help I need. The application process includes a form I fill out which requires I describe my case in detail. This means I have to present the entirety of my case from a legal perspective. This is something I never imagined having to do because I know I am incapable of doing so. I require assistance organizing this information and I'm not sure how to find that help. I only found this out yesterday and haven't quite taken it all in just yet.

This is really a very difficult situation for me. My disabilities are why I am here seeking help, yet my disabilities prevent me from getting that help because I lack the ability to "properly" ask for it, and lack even the ability to ask for help asking for help. I require assistance, and while I do have a caregiver, he isn't capable of both helping me take care of myself, and being able to represent my legal interests. And I don't have the financial resources to hire someone to represent me, nor can I get those who are provided for me to actually represent me because they lack the training to deal with my disabilities. I'm asking for help finding help as best as I can.

We sold a utility trailer and now have enough money for another month in the marina, but our prospects for finding something are rather bleak. We have to hire people to help us because I can't deal with people, and everyone wants money, and a lot of it. We are going to try to get some help with our most likely prospects here in La Paz, but are otherwise going to plan and prepare for leaving the area, which we can only do at great risk because of the condition o the vessel.

I am trying to start chelation therapy, but even finding a doctor to support me in that is difficult. The reason I chose to love on a boat is because I have to be self-sufficient in order to survive. The reason for this, unfortunately, because people have become so inhuman these days as to not offer any kind of support or help to one of their own because they refuse to see past the assumptions they make in lieu of objective observation and thinking for themselves. So if the gringo community here in La Paz wonders why I am going to do all I can to see them kicked out or thrown in jail or otherwise bilked for everything Mexican can take from them, at least anyone reading this can know it was because of how they behaved and that it was well deserved and a long time coming.

Update 24 August: Three months to the day after our illegal removal from Cantamar, we are now moored in another marina. We are paying $1700USD for the month! This is a ridiculous amount, and it speaks to the corruption brought to Mexico by Malcolm Neil Shroyer Schoen, with his private corporation with control over all marine property, activities, and policies in all of Mexico. And I'm of the opinion that that man is an agent of Mossad given the people who moor at his marina and the level of corruption here in La Paz, and especially because we contacted the FBI ataché in the US Consulate in Mexico and asked to make an appointment to discuss our evidence of corruption, only to never hear back from there again, which indicates involvement by the FBI and State Department (which we already know is more an Israeli state department than American...)

But, we are now safe. We had drug anchor again during the day this time, and I was injured diving on the anchor to unfoul it (third time it was fouled by illegal fishing equipment), having been unable to equalize because of sinus problems that should have kept me from diving but which I had to do because of the situation this fucking government has put us into.

Oh yeah, we called the office of Marco Erbrardm, the Foreign Minister of Mexico, to follow up on my formal request for asylum and request for help dealing with the corrupt government here. They confirmed receipt and hung up on us. So it appears that the entire Mexican government owes its allegiance to the USA and Israel, and we are fucked. But we are resourceful and now know what we can and cannot get away with due to this corruption. So, it won't be us who is in danger in the future...

Update 15 August: Our dinghy was destroyed today. We believe it was done by people associated with Cantamar based on a boat launched from Cantamar speeding past our boat at full speed no more than 5 feet from the boat. This couldn't come at a worse time as I had a major intestinal episode over the past few days involving hernias and blockages in my intestines. I am supposed to be resting and healing, not dealing with trying to repair and replace dinghies.

This is what I mean when we say we are in danger. These rumors are still being spread, maliciously, with intent to cause us grave harm. We are victims of corruption, of a government in Mexico that so far has been completely unable to hold up it's obligations to protect those who seek protection, at least for my part here in this fucking corrupt state of Baja California Sur.

We are hoping to move soon, but have had to seek permission, through our lawyer, whom we have now paid $1600USD to handle matters for us. And that means it takes forever. We are inching closer to the point where we will not be able to survive due to weather which is going to start being dangerous for our situation.

My suggestion to those who continue to harass us is to stop now, because I will not continue to abide by reason or law in defending myself from this bullshit caused by Neil Shroyer, whose criminal life is at an end, whether he wants to voluntarily walk away from it now, or face jail or other consequences for his actions which have so gravely harmed me, my home, my future, and my family.

If you are reading this and have not acted to help in some way, shame on you for helping kill us for doing nothing more than trying to live a life of our own, while trying to do what we can to protect our home, the oceans of this planet, a planet, I might add, that we on The Disperser are not neglecting and otherwise causing the destruction of with our lifestyles. If we die, you all die with us, period!

Update 14 August: We were finally able to contact one 'gringo' sailor whom we know isn't so heavily involved in the social nonsnse of the Club Cruceros people, and through his contacts have started working with an activist lawyer who shall remain unnamed as will the specific activities performed given the nature of the situation. Progress is literally painfully slow (I hurt having to row, pull anchor chain, move 40lb water containers etc. with several hernias) but it is moving forward. We were able to acquire some resources which will not enable us to relocate to an anchorage which will at least be safer if a hurricane should strike La Paz, which I do expect.

Troublingly, we contacted the FBI ataché in Mexico City and asked him to set an appointment for us to denounce all we have witnessed involving Americans and which affects Americans here. Curiously, he never contacted us to make that appointment. We then later contacted the FBI regarding the Epstein case and the signficant potential for a link here in La Paz, through none other than Neil Shroyer, owner of Marina de La Paz, and don of all things marine in La Paz.

But the most disturbing thing to happen to us happened on Sunday afternoon as we were walking ourselves and our dog ashore as we do twice daily. The tide was extremely high and coming in, and fast of course. There is a bridge over an arroyo where seawater goes into an isolated lagoon, and passes through 0.5m diameter drainage tubes. These tubes are insufficient to allow free flow of water, and thus act as vacuums in case of high tide. As we approached this bridge, we saw two young children playing there. I noted to Zach that we were about to have to use his CPR. Sure enough, one of the kids was sucked into a pipe and the other was stuck standing in front of it being pulled in. I yelled "ayuda! ayuda!" and grabbed the kid who was still holding on to the pipe but fully submerged and pulled him out of the pipe, made sure he was okay, and handed him to his older sister. She quietly said "thank you" and nothing more.

This woman, along with many people I have come across lately, seem to ignore the reality of the situations they are in, and take their own safety and that of their children for granted. Had we not been walking that direction, seen what we did, understood what was going to happen, and intervened, that child would have died because he would have gone in face up through a tube which ended with water flowing rapidly over rocks, rocks which would have concussed and thus knocked the child out; which is precisely why we anticipated needing to perform CPR.

This incident is a metaphor for how we feel about the world, about society and how it treats us. We are doing nothing wrong, and in fact, our lives benefit the planet and all people's because we live sustainably, and we make real efforts to improve things and help out. But where is the appreciation? Instead, we receive ire, hatred, persecution, threats, conspiratorial efforts to dispossess us from our home, and finally being left to die in hurricanes in a boat destroyed by the very people who do the most damage to the environment and society.

Why should we continue to help when no one understands or appreciates it and instead turns against us for it?

I'll tell you why: Because no one else is willing to admit that society is fundamentally flawed, and actually do something about the damage it has caused to Planet Earth and the Human species.

Update 6 August: On Saturday night, our anchor drug again, while the wind was blowing us directly towards shore. We were in serious trouble of hitting bottom with the stern which would have sunk the ship. We called for help on the radio both to Channel 16 as is standard by international law, and on Channel 22, the local gringo net channel. We also called 911. NO ONE WOULD HELP US IN OUR TIME OF DISTRESS, not even local boats in the same anchorage. It is now clear to us that we have been put out to die. We are thus taking action and have begun the process of denouncing the entire "gringo mafia" to the FBI and subsequently to the mexican equivalent, PGR. This includes Malcolm and Neil Shroyer, API, and all of the American citizens in La Paz illegally, with business without permits for which they are dodging US and Mexican taxes. We will also be denouncing the same people and API for discrimination, fraud, harassment, and other charges as applicable.

The real irony of the situation with our anchor dragging is that it happened because it was fouled by trash left from ILLEGAL FISHING! We were left in about 1 foot of water, we were so close to shore. We will post photographs when we can.

A quick message to Club Cruceros and Neil Shroyer: If we have a place to work on our boat and are left to do so, what business do we want to have making all these denouncements and participating in all this massive investigation, especially in light of the political climate (Israelis shot in Mexico City, Mexicans shot in El Paso, Trump's rhetoric, etc.)? But if we have to leave the area, we will have no fears or worries about denouncing everyone who has treated us poorly and anyone else who just wasn't nice to us and is participating in criminal activity. So if you want trouble, keep fucking with us. If you want to keep your precious status quo, give us Pichilingue and leave us the fuck alone!

Update 29 July 2019: On Monday, I asked our lawyer if he had any luck finding us a location to secure our boat. I had asked him to talk to a dry marina, boatyard, university, and API about our boat. He responded tonight at 10pm telling me he had no information. I responded via email and have told him that a location is the most important thing for us right now, more important than everything else, and that I do not want to pay him any more until I have a location.

We are being discriminated against, we are being driven out of town, and we are being killed. No one will help us. No one will take responsibility and do their job to assist us, not the Port Captain, not the Navy, not Club Cruceros. We have asked for the Navy to help us, we have even asked for AMLO to help us. We are now going to have to turn to the embassies of Russia, Iran, China, and other countries to find a way to get help. It is very important that we have a place for our vessel. We were illegally dispossessed, and I see no valid, logical reason why we are not being given a secure location for our vessel on account of the reality that I am a refuge, we have done nothing wrong, and we have been the victims of illegal activity. WHAT THE FUCK IS THE PROBLEM HERE?

Update 26 July 2019: Yesterday we spoke with representatives of the US State Department, with whom we have been in contact since the day we were dispossessed from Cantamar illegally. Our primary concern at this time, aside from finding a place for the ship, is the fact that there are more than enough resources to solve the problems we have, which primarily include our lack of refrigeration. We know for a fact that the gringo sailing "community" has at least 10 propane refrigerators, most of them in the possession of one man, a man who has been in Mexico for over 20 years without legal permission, who owns property without legal right, and who does business without legal permission and who does not pay taxes either in the USA nor in Mexico for the work he does - and he hires Mexicans to beat up people who threaten his business. The consulate staff of course told us they could not directly intervene in the problem caused by gringos who are here and run businesses illegally and who decide to deprive us of fair access to the resources they control. But we do believe they will advise them informally, because our recourse here is to denounce every single one of them for every single crime they commit against us directly or indirectly. And if we start denouncing gringos for the crimes committed against us, we will not stop until we have toppled the entire "gringo mafia" which we know to be headed up by Malcolm Neil Shroyer Schoen, and his son Neal, not to mention Mary who was singled out as perpetrating $3million worth of insurance fraud after Hurricane Odile by claiming damaged posts acquired as substandard used pilings from Marina del Rey were actually new pilings worth $3million.

This is a final warning to all gringos in La Paz who are here illegally and who do business illegally. Your behavior is illegal, and it will no longer be tolerated. You were given the chance to assist us and still maintain your status-quo. You have refused and we are now forced to begin the process of denouncements through PROFECO using resources available to us thanks to my efforts to seek assistance with my refuge case. We are going to be contacting the FBI and IRS and are offering testimony and evidence of the massive ring of corrupt gringos and their businesses here in La Paz, which, I might add, supports a government which profits from illegal fishing, contamination of the Sea of Cortez, and injuring and ripping off tourists from all around the world (with the noteable exception of the extremely rich who are catered to here and the reason for the corruption in La Paz.)

Update 19 July 2019: Received a response from the admiral of the Navy. Same bullshit from this non-functioning, discriminatory, client government and a sorry excuse for a navy. Pardon my emotion, but I'm dying here, and these people are laughing at us.

Our lawyer is working as diligently as can be on the legal aspects of our problems, and is even going out of his way to try to help us find accommodations. We will be speaking with a representative of the US State Department next week in order to try to resolve the fact that we are being discriminated against by American citizens who are in Mexico illegally and conducting business without permit or paying taxes both in Mexico and the USA. We are well within our rights to denounce these people for their illegal activities, of which are are victims, but prefer to simply ask them for their assistance, in the form of equal access to the resources available to all of them.

We will be calling the Presidential Palace next week and asking for direct assistance from that office in securing our refugee status, and asking for assistance to get us the hell out of this corrupt state.

We will also be calling the Chinese embassy to ask for assistance in any form that can be given.

Update 10 July 2019
: We have altered our methods for getting into town to run errands. We are in Pichilingue, which is about 10 miles from La Paz. We were parking our vehicle at Baja Ferries, but the employees were ripping us off, charging $86 for parking when we should only have been paying $32. It disturbs us that people are so stupid and mean that they will charge us money that they don't even get, their employer does.

We went to the Port Captain yesterday with a letter suggesting that the solution to our problems is to force the commodore of Club Cruceros to come and talk to us, see what we need, and help us. Our reasoning is simple, these people have all of the resources we need to better survive being at anchor in a non-operable vessel, and they are obligated to help us as part of an informal agreement to look the other way for the crimes committed by the gringo community, which are extensive and include massive migration and work permit violation as well as tax dodging (US and Mexico.) We also suggested that if the community will not fulfill it's duty, that perhaps it's time they lose their privileges and start obeying the law, and that the government profit from regularizing the status of those who are not here legally. We are quite hopeful that this will work. Otherwise, we are preparing to denounce the community both here in Mexico, as well as to the FBI. So to those of you in La Paz who are reading this, be forewarned that you cannot both be exempt from the law, and shirk your responsibilities to all sailors regardless of whether or not you believe rumors. If I were such a bad person, the government of Mexico would have imprisoned or deported me. Your belief in rumors about me do not make them true, and they especially do not justify your mistreating me, especially as that treatment is based entirely on your perception of the symptoms of my disability, meaning your treatment of me is outright, blatant discrimination whether you realize it or not. Stop being assholes or go home.

By the way, I am 51 as of today. But with the brain damage I suffered, socially, I am about 16 years old by now. That means that the letter I wrote to the Port Captain was received as though it was written by a 16 year old. That comes off as pretty arrogant, don't you think? But I'm 51, probably older than the Port Captain... Perhaps someone out there might now have something of an understanding of my difficulties.

Update 7 July 2019: A yacht tender sank next to our boat in the same weather we lost our anchor in the night before. This should be a testament to the danger we are in. However; I have also neglected to explain to an audience which cannot and never does ask questions, that I cannot be doing this kind of work because I am supposed to be healing. I have several hernias, mostly abdominal, as well as multiple intestinal lesions. I should not be pulling anchor chain by hand, lifting 66lb anchors with 25 feet of 3/8BBB chain by hand, and spending 15 hours reanchoring my vessel. The yacht tender ("La Ancha" from Mazatlan) which sank, by the way, was one we had witnessed being managed quite rudely by the operators. Despite this, we assisted where we could. The most interesting element of the situation for me was the fact that had my vessel been fully operational, I could have saved the vessel with only damage to the engines which had been submerged. They instead contacted the local boatyard, the Abaroas, who brute-forced the whole job and did about $10,000USD worth of damage by my estimates, damage which would have been entirely avoided had we used equipment already on the ship to refloat the vessel, equipment I specifically designed and constructed for the express purpose of lifting boats out of the water and refloating them.

Update 6 July 2019: We lost anchor in the night. This is the exact issue I was concerned with and why it is dangerous for us to be at anchor. We were in water too deep for me to even inspect the anchor regularly. As a result, our anchor had fouled in the night. Once I discovered the problem, I put out a spare anchor and secured it to the stern both to set it quickly, as well as to direct the bow of the boat towards shore in case the anchor failed again. We sought assistance from the gringo sailing community, who are given special dispensation to run an illegal club and illegal business and whose immigration status is ignored except in cases of severe crimes, refused to assist us. We were unable to get assistance from anyone except the Port Captain who briefly attempted to help set our anchor but failed. We contacted the US Coast Guard and the US Embassy seeking assistance for our situation because we are in fact in distress by just being at anchor, and no one will even consider renting us any of the plentifully available dock space. This is entirely because of rumors spread about us by Karsten Honack, whose father received a tremendous gift from Malcolm Neil Shroyer Schoen, the American who founded API, when he threatened me and attempted to extort money from me, VIA EMAIL, has not been investigated since it was filed in November 2017! Malcolm Neil Shroyer Schoen also happens to have founded and given to his son Marina de La Paz, so it's no wonder the authorities are not investigating the man who ruined my experience and ability to complete my vessel here in Mexico.

We were finally able to reanchor ourselves, but the cost has been tremendous. I only slept 3 hours that night and nothing that day. I have several hernias including severe abdominal hernias. I should be resting, not diving, pulling anchor chain and rope by hand, pulling anchors by hand from dinghies and jetskies, much less rowing a dinghy! This is torture that is being perpetrated by rich people and corrupt officials who don't care about anything but your money in their pocket. These people are very mistaken if they think they can just run me out of town this time.

I will not apologize for the commentary either. These people are responsible for torture, plain and simple. They are doing so to protect their ability to conduct illegal and illicit activities which are against both US and Mexican laws (evading taxes is a crime wherever an American does it.)

For now, we are temporarily safe. The good news is we were in shallower water, so I can at least see the anchor, not that I could do anything about it were it to foul.

But...we also witnessed (photographs to come) another illegal fisherman, this one tried to tie off to our ship. He was dutifully threatened and photographed and later placed his nylon floating drift type gill-net. However; as we drug anchor towards shore, we were close enough to his float to capture it, and we cut his anchor and float off so that the net drifted safely to shore. We had already called 911 to report the incident and were able to get their license plate as well. We are the ONLY two people in Baja California Sur doing anything about illegal fishing, and we see Sea Shepherd vessels here (at Marina de La Paz by coincidence) all the time.

Or day ended quite well. As we had finally gotten anchored (at 6pm, we cut loose at 3am!), we noticed a massive slick of oil or diesel and carbon. I called 911 (it's a general emergency line here, includes spills and marine emergencies) and we photographed it, not knowing where it came from. However, we quickly realized the wind was blowing the slick from our favorite place in the world...Cantamar. PROFEPA came to shore, looked at our photographs, and went to talk to Cantamar. I guess we should have called 911 every time we saw and oil spill...but they would probably have been upset because we would have been calling EVERY DAY! Photographs are coming as soon as we can get them off the other camera.

Update 3 July 2019: We were visited by the Navy two days ago, who inspected our documentation, and our engine and parts of the engine I had removed for inspection. The next day, we were approached by the Port Captain, but not contacted or boarded, just circled, a visual inspection I would guess. Today, the same Navy vessel, a 50ft fiberglass diesel powered vessel, has anchored next to us in Bahia Pichilingue. While I had concerns about possible retaliation for our public denouncement of the Navy's ignoring our situation in favor of someone violating laws, nothing happened and it appeared the Navy were merely anchored so they could get to the islands early. This is likely in line with events happening today, as indicated in this article from UNESCO about the islands of the Gulf of California finally being listed as endangered. Please read this article as it applies significantly to our situation, as you can see from the videos and photographs we have here of illegal fishing and contamination of this recognized World Heritage site.

I will update and reorganize this page when we have accumulated sufficient power from solar panels to power the computer again and I am in good enough mental condition to do so.