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The Disperser: In Danger, Once again!

Latest Episode of Illegal Dispossession of a Disabled American

Marina Palmira, officially known as Club de Yates Palmira, in La Paz, BCS Mexico, is violating the law and my rights as a human being in order to discriminate against me for my being disabled socially.

This isn't to point the finger strictly at Marina Palmira. They are believing rumors, which is in itself bad enough. But those rumors are being spread with the help of Neil Shroyer, whose father founded API, the official Mexican entity which controls all ports and marine concessions and thus has control over all of Mexico's marinas and marine businesses. And despite my having supposedly submitted a human rights complaint against API and Neil Shroyer, this still continues, probably because Andrea Geiger, whom I paid way too much money to do something I didn't even need done, later decided she didn't need to help me because I complained about being taken advantage of and mistreated. I mean, if you were mistreating someone and they complained, wouldn't you stop helping them too?

I cannot help myself. I suffered brain damage. I am completely incapable of meeting my needs in society because of my disabilities. And I am universally mistreated because of how I present myself socially thanks to the disabilities from which I suffer.

But, Marina Palmira is a high-end marina, one we are paying $1700USD a month to stay in. But our money isn't good enough. So now, they want us gone but cannot just tell us to leave, so they are trying to force us to leave by violating Mexican laws.

We have an open complaint with PROFECO, the consumer protection agency here in Mexico which we filed yesterday, but we don't have anything going with that until December 5th. We were only given a bill Saturday, and now Wednesday, without notice, they have turned off our power. This is illegally for two reasons: one, we live on the boat and you can't just cut power without notice or reason. Second is that we offered to pay, but they refused it, and then turned around and demanded we pay four times as much; thus our complaint.

What Marina Palmira is doing is sick, wrong, and in fact illegal. You cannot cut power to a home without due legal process, not in Mexico and not anywhere else. But it's worse than that. The issue at the heart of all this, the excuse Marina Palmira is trying to use to get us out, is that we didn't have insurance for the second month we were here. Curiously, it appears that the marina tried to get our boat impounded because we didn't have insurance, something we weren't aware of until we tried to pay again for the next month, which means they could have easily reminded us about insurance, but instead acted against us without provocation or reason except discrimination and reaction to rumors. Worse is that Marina Palmira has turned off internet to the dock we are on since October 23rd, as a means to harass us, but which is actually also harassing everyone else in the marina because no one else has internet either.

We are presently waiting for our lawyer to take care of this, which I believe should have been resolved when we first had him talk to the marina on the day they refused our payment. Andrea Geiger is ignoring me, despite my having paid her to submit a human rights complaint about 4 months ago. PROFECO can't do anything immediately. And Zach is on the phone with the US State Department, who are about as useless as you can imagine. We do not know what to do, except wait.


We had our "hearing" with Profeco, such as it was. While they did side with us, it was not entirely good as they let the business get away with what they did to us, and did not investigate them for very real criminal acts such as giving us change in dollars instead of pesos, and not having a meter for power. We will be appealing the decision.

In the meantime, please feel free to read our complaint (with all our receipts as evidence) and the response from PROFECO, which is unfortnately in Spanish. But, it does say that Marina Palmira was wrong and "financially incompetent" meaning they are not fit as a business! DO NOT USE MARINA PALMIRA.

Here are those documents: Complaint; Response