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Saving the Planet Act 1: What Can You do to Help?

The short answer is that we could use your help, by spreading the word and sharing our campaign

Our efforts to save the planet are independent of societies and cultures which presently exist on Earth. We are not saving the planet for the sake of any society, culture, nation, people, class, or individual. We are doing this for the benefit of all mammals given our understanding that the planet used to be for cold-blooded animals and has naturally transitioned to one suitable for warm-blooded animals, a necessary evolution for any species which wishes to become self-sufficient.

We cannot concern ourselves with societies and cultures because doing so would mean we would have to dedicate our time to helping people understand what we are doing and why it is so necessary, and why they should change their ways. The fact is, what we are planning to do would work without any consideration for what society does. We are not trying to save anyone. We are trying to save the planet's ability to support mammals.

So we are not here to tell you how YOU can save the planet. If you want to save the planet yourself, please feel free. We welcome the idea of not being the only people trying to save the planet. But, if you would like to help us save the planet, all you have to do is share our campaign with others so that we can create enough pressure to cause those who are financially capable and responsible to do their part to save the planet using some of the wealth they have acquired in their efforts which have jeopardized this planet's future ability to support human life.

Please, read the campaign, share it, and talk about it. We'll take care of the rest.