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Welcome to Ocean Preppers

I am not a man driven by the profit motive, but necessity because of my situation and the financial drain it has cost me dictates that I seek financial gain in some manner. It occurred to me that I have expertise in something that I can sell and profit from, and that something is precisely what I am doing: creating a completely self-sufficient future for myself which guarantees my survival.

I have thus conceived of the idea of Ocean Preppers, and will be offering packages to those who are interested in paying for a self-sufficient life on an ocean-going vessel in a package which includes all that you need, including training and advice, to allow you to have what I am working hard to make for myself.

Why would you choose to pay me for these services? Simple: I am the most qualified to offer them. If you consider my situation and what I have accomplished, you can easily see that no one is more qualified to provide advice and services to create a self-sufficient life than a person who despite being completely disabled within society, was able to sail himself to Mexico by himself despite no money or experience or assistance and with incredible burdens and stress, in an unfinished vessel which was not even prepared for single-handed sailing. I am not a salesman. You will have to figure out for yourself that I am well worth paying for these services.

Ocean Preppers will offer custom packages based on available vessels to us here in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico be they available here, or can be brought here. Vessels will be repaired and converted for complete self-sufficency while you learn everything you need to know to be out on the ocean in a completely self-contained vessel which could allow you to live indefinitely without support.

Packages will be priced according to needs and services provided. Services available range from basic brokering service to turnkey setups, to full packages which have you here and involved in the conversion of your own vessel while you learn what it takes to survive the worst of what could realistically happen in the coming years. Described below are sample packages and estimated prices to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay and what you will get.

  • Self-Service Budget Package
    • Bluewater sailboat for 1 or 2 persons
    • Assistance with setup and parts
    • Training via apprenticeship
    • Costs can be paid via barter including labor
    • Free to whatever you can afford
  • Land Yacht Trade for Sea Yacht
    • Trade your RV for available boat
    • Can barter or pay for additional services
    • Sailoat available now for someone with bus to trade
  • Luxury Trawler Biodiesel Conversion
    • Based on available luxury yacht
    • Includes setup to self-sufficient
    • Includes conversion to bio-diesel engine/generator
    • Available bio-diesel making technology
    • Training, advice, education available
    • $500,000USD, $750,000USD with training
    • $1,000,000 plus costs for bio-diesel plant

  • 50' Ferro-cement Motorsailer
    • Various packages available, including free
    • Vessel immediately available
    • Requires complete refit, ideal for beginner
    • Requires assistance directly or indirectly
    • Full service tunkey package available
  • Billionaire Package
    • Requires purchage of property here in La Paz
    • Requires investment in boatyard and marina
    • Full service, turnkey, everything included
    • Absolutely discrete, private
    • Includes highly profitable business
    • Includes fleet of vessels and discrete base
  • Privateering Fleet of Your Very Own
    • Package not available to governments directly
    • Available only as private fleet you own
    • Includes novel methodologies and technologies
    • Don't let someone else beat you to it...