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There are Two Perspectives In This World

Our perspective is vastly different from the prevailing perspective on this planet which is most appropriately represented by the concept of "Capitalism." Below are descriptions of the two perspectives and the benefits and drawbacks to mankind as a whole of each.

It is very important to note here that the problems mankind is experiencing right now are entirely because of this perspective. This may be difficult for some people to understand because this perspective is all that they know. Hopefully the comparison between our perspective and the prevailing perspective can help people understand our perspective, which is actually the natural human perspective - in other words, we have changed our lives so that we live as much as natural humans would live as is humanly possible.
The Capitalist Perspective

  • Favors competetition over cooperation
Human beings can accomplish a great deal more through cooperation than competetion. Presently, corporations, for example, keep their ideas secret so that no other corporation can profit from their ideas. But what about us? What about those who don't want to buy what someone else makes? What about those of us who prefer to make things ourselves? In your world, we cannot contact a corporation and ask how they solved some problem because they would demand we buy their answer or pay them to create our own from their idea. In your world, you are each on your own.
  • There can be no rich without poor
Capitalism is built on the premise that some people believe themselves to be superior to others, and that they should be rewarded for this superiority. In reality, these people cannot even be said to be human as they lack empathy and only seek to enrich themselves, and do so by taking from others. When you look at this from a system-wide perspective, you can easily see that you have parts of that system taking from other parts, creating overall ineffeciency which has the net effect of dragging everyone down relative to where they would be otherwise. Money is an artificial concept, and so is poverty.

  • Capitalism provides privilege, not freedom
Probably the most commonly mistaken assumption about capitalism is the association with freedom (and often "democracy.") Capitalism cannot provide freedom because it requires the opposite of freedom (another word for freedom being independence): privilege. Reading just the first page of the founding document of capitalism should help you see the true nature of captilism as providing privlege rather than meeting needs. And all capitalist societies require their subjects to be dependent upon the society for most if not all of their most basic needs. And that also includes the decisions we make each and every moment of our life, for which we look to the state for answers rather than trying to reason things through for ourselves.
The Natural Human Perspective

  • Favors cooperation and healthy, productive competetition.
Instead of competing with each other and hoarding ideas, we believe in sharing. But this is also because we do not believe in money and especially not profit. If we have an idea which we wish to share, we would just do so. And if others have ideas we can benefit from, we would expect them to share with us as well. We humans are all on the same team, at least that's our perspective.

  • There is no poverty or wealth without money
No one can objectively judge themselves to be superior to others, and no one should. We all have more potential than we achieve and thus our differences are developmental. And treating each other that way makes for a much better life for everyone. Wealth is not about money, it is about the ability to create, which means skills. Outside of capitalism, everyone can be wealthy because they can learn more skills to better create wealth. Imagine a world where you relied on your skills instead of money. That's simply not possible with capitalism.

  • Freedom comes from self-reliance
Naturally, we human beings have every ability to easily make our own decisions every day in everything we do. I myself am able to reason through everything I do without having to seek help or look up an answer provided by someone in society. Making decisions on your own and being confident they are the right decisions is what freedom is about, because when you make the decisions, you control your destiny. But when you trust someone else to make those decisions, you are also putting your very life and well being in their hands as well. We humans can however help each other reason and make these decisions rather than relying on society.