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Our future will be one outside of society, but society still affects us, profoundly. All of the earth's resources are controlled by society without regard to the rights of other peoples and species to have fair access. Worse, these resources have been used to pollute the planet's life systems to the point of global collapse.

As we have a great deal of time available to us because we are not wasting our time and energy as people in society must, we will have endless time available us to spend any way we please. And we have decided that it would be a good idea if we were to try to do something about what human society has done to the planet and it's life systems.

Since global warming and climate change is the greatest threat posed by society which we can do anything about (we can't make nations dispose of their nuclear weapons, the greatest single threat to everything on Earth), we have decided that we will try to do what we can. But since we are not wealthy and lack sufficient resources to do anything substantial about global climate change, we are asking you dear readers to spread the word about our efforts in order that we might pressure those who have profited from polluting the earth's atmosphere with fossil fuel pollution and carbon to donate a small portion of their wealth to our efforts to actually try to do something about global climate change before it threatens even our existence.

Please visit our GoFundMe campaign by clicking on the image above or the link in the menu on the left to read more about our campaign, and also read through the links to other pages here which will help you better understand what we hope to do by getting an ocean oil rig upon which to do our research.

To help you understand the basic problems presented by what is called global warming, here is an article written by Michael Wolf in 2010 which explains our understanding of Global Climate Change.

Please follow this page for continuing updates on our campaign.