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The Disperser is a laminated ferro-cement center pilothouse cutter-ketch motorsailer. This means that the vessel is made of a material called "laminated ferro-cement", which will be explained below; has a pilothouse where the ship is controlled, located in the center of the vessel; has two forestays for two jibs (yankee and jib) and two masts, the aftermost (back of the boat) being forward of the rudder shaft; and that it has a motor to propel her at full speed for long distances.

The hull was manufactured in 1975 in Sacramento, California by the Fibersteel Corporation and comprises two layers of high quality ferro-cement surrounding a steel armature. The technology was examined by the US Navy and material and vessels from the manufacturer were extensively tested by the US Coast Guard for suitability of the vessel for passenger use by the US Coast Guard.

I am the third owner of The Disperser. The photograph behind this text shows the ship right after I first purchased it where it was moored, in an oxbow marina in Stockton, California in the center of Central Valley, over 100 miles from the ocean. The ship was purchased originally and rigged with the highest quality rigging available at the time (there isn't much, if any, better on the market today), given an engine and generator, and then sold to a family who tried to continue to finish the ship.

I am the first to sail The Disperser, ever. I consider her brand new, especially as I am in the process of doing a complete refit of the vessel.

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