Our Present Situation: Serious and in Danger
I have a very difficult time communicating, especially in coordination with being able to remember to do so.

Please see http://youtube.com/user/diaryofawolf for the latest video explaining our situation.

We are in danger and require immediate assistance. We have lost everything but recovered, damaged, some of what was lost including my boat and whats left of two vehicles.

We need witnesses, assistance, support, legal help, and for people to share our story, especially with the media.

Our present situation is that we are about to try moving back onto the boat. We are unsure if we can, certain I won't do well emotionally with all the damage and loss, and not sure the boat can even sustain us anymore. We just recovered the 12v system though I forgot to connect it yesterday. Both solar systems now lack charge cotrollers and neither wind generator functions.

We are being harassed, charged with crimes committed against us, and wirst of all the US Consulate is part of it all, protecting their investment in the corruption they helped bring here.

Watch videos, I will try to update this.

Update: I discovered a significant outbreak of black mold on the boat which happened after it was stolen. I have been exposed but have no citrus pectin to remove it. I will try to make some tomorrow if possible.