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The Reasons
Save The Planet

There are a lot of very good reasons why we are on The Disperser

Below are some of the major reasons.

  • Human beings are naturally nomadic
    • Life on a ship is nomadic by definition
    • Living on a ship allows for luxuries
    • We will enjoy life more living naturally
  • Being on a ship means being outside society
    • The Planet cannot be saved by society or anyone in it
    • Not having social skills, I cannot survive in society
    • Being outside society means we must be self-sufficient
    • Being self-sufficient means being free of society
  • I am disabled, suffering from loss of social skills
    • My short-term memory is damaged
    • I cannot lie or deceive or hide my feelings or thoughts
    • I cannot express my thoughts accurately
    • Social skills are vital to life in society
    • Social skills are not vital to sailing
    • I cannot work to gain money, but can survive on my own
  • Global society is on a path to World War which cannot be averted
    • War tends to be fought on land and is easy to avoid at sea
    • Nuclear weapons are not targeted to the open ocean
    • Nuclear fallout can be avoided on a ship, not on land

  • Global Climate Change
    • Will create areas where no human can survive
    • These areas will mostly be on land
    • These areas can be sailed around or away from
    • If conditions are too hot, we just go swimming
    • We can always sail to Antarctica
  • Freedom comes from self-reliance and self-sufficiency
    • People in most societies have privilege, not freedom
    • Being completely independent is the only true state of freedom
    • Any work we do only benefits us, not a boss or corporation
    • There are no cops out here...
  • The Global Financial System is on the verge of collapse
    • Being self-sufficient shields us from economic collapse
    • We are able to travel to where our money has value
    • We don't need money
    • We create wealth that money is presently a substitute for
  • Donald Trump
    • When was America ever great?
    • Why does a child sit in the Whitehouse?
    • Seriously? I mean, WTF people? WAKE UP!